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Power Transformer Rajasthan Powergen

Power Transformers:

Power Transformers have been majorly affected in respect of longevity and availability on the grid profitability and reliability.

Reliability and cost-effectiveness are ensured by the modern techniques of manufacturing. It is ensured by us that at every stage of the manufacturing, every single unit has undergone rigorous testing and quality check. Moreover, before offering the products for inspection to our valued clients, compete test is performed by us.

The transformers we manufacture are:
Conforms to IEC 60076, IS 2026, ANSI & all the other universal standards and are designed so as to provide performance free from troubles.

 Designed for low noise and low power loss, endure the electrical impulses, dynamic and thermal stresses.

Rajasthan Powergen To provide a finish of anti-rust corrosion paint that is long lasting, the products are first shot blasted and then treated with zinc spray by flame gun/ cold spray.

Rajasthan Powergen Depending on the requirements, offered with OLTC & OCTC.

Rajasthan Powergen Supplied to a number of clients namely Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Chemical, Refineries, Engineering, Textile, Mining, Plastic, Steel, Hydro Power Projects, Construction Houses, Wind Mill Farms, Captive Power Projects, Electronics, Pharma, Renewable Energy, Automobile, Electrical and so on.

Rajasthan Powergen At Sanchore, we installed a manufacturing facility to manufacture the Power transformer up to the capacity of 20 MVA (20,000 KVA), oil filled transformers of the voltage class of 33 kV. The transformers from 3.15 MVA to 5 MVA of 33/11 KV from CPRI & ERDA have been successfully tested by us.

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