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Rajasthan Powergen Transformer P. Ltd. is an industrial transformer manufacturer. There are different types and applications of industrial transformers. Industrial transformer price would differ according to various factors. Industrial transformers manufacturers produce industrial control transformer, industrial power transformer and industrial current transformers.

industrial transformer manufacturer



industrial transformer manufacturer
industrial transformer manufacturer
industrial current transformers
industrial current transformers
industrial electrical transformers
industrial electrical transformers


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Industrial control/power transformer

These are designed for applications with solenoids and relays are in use. Most electromagnetic devices are initially energized before operation. The transformers maximize the inrush capacity and output voltage regulation at this very first phase. They also have high quality insulation. They electrically insulate the different types of windings. This type of transformers eliminate moisture by means of the polyester resins and the vacuum impregnation.

Power transformers operate different filtering devices such as capacitors to minimize the input fluctuations. These are needed usually in places where constant voltage or constant current very low power ratings are involved. Sometimes called as the machine tools transformer, is also an isolation transformer to provide great voltage regulation. The phenomenon called as the inrush current is achieved by producing a higher level of secondary voltage stability during short time intervals of the overload functions.
In addition to the minimum current required for the operation of the circuit there are other factors which determine the better control operation and the transformer

properties. The transformer needs to provide sealed Volt-ampere to the load circuit for the required time period.  The total inrush VA is what the transformer must produce to initialize the energization of any control systems. And finally a safely assumed 40% of power factor is needed. The power factor needs much precise vector data to be accurately measured; therefore  a 40% safe marker is derived.


Industrial current transformers

A current transformer is something that steps up or steps down an AC electricity. Either amplification or reduction operation is carried out. These are also called the instrument transformers because of the fact that they are needed to operate specific instruments. When instruments need lower voltages than the supplied electricity, they use a transformer to get to the desired input electricity.

The same applies when an instrument needs much higher voltages than the supplied electricity.They also function as sensors of power scales. In places like power stations, they sense the available volts and then transform them into the necessary supply volts. There are also specialized current transformers for specific needs such as the wideband current transformer. These operate with oscilloscope in measuring high frequency currents of their waveforms to produce accurate output volts per ampere.


what is industrial transformer ?

A transformer may be a static electrical gadget that exchanges energy between its associated circuits by inductive coupling. industrial Transformers are basically utilized to extend voltage before transmitting electrical energy over long separations through wires. industrial Transformers are moreover utilized in electronic items to step-down the voltage supply to a level reasonable for the low voltage circuits they contain. And there are numerous other points of interest moreover with the transformers.And moreover utilized to indicate to transformers with a 500KVA rating or greater.

industrial transformer manufacturer

Industrial Power transformers can be classified into three types based on the ranges. They are

  • The range of small power transformers can be from 500-7500kVA
  • The range of medium power transformers can be from -100MVA
  • The range of large power transformers can be from 100MVA & beyond


industrial transformer manufacturer india


industrial transformer specification

  • Phase is 3Ø
  • Frequency if 60Hz,50Hz
  • Primary Voltage is 22.9 kV
  • Secondary Voltage is 6.6/3.3 kV
  • Tap Voltage 23.9-R22.9-21.9-20.9-19.9kV
  • Vector Dd0, Dyn11, etc.
  • Range:2500 kVA to 100,000 kVA, up to 220 kV Class
  • standard:

    • Distribution and power transformers: IS: 2026, BS: 171 & IEC: 76
    • Converter transformers: IS: 4540, IEC: 146 & IEEE: 444
    • Furnace transformers: IS: 2026
    • System earthing transformers: IS: 3150 & BS: 4944
  • Off-circuit tap changer to provide +5% to -5%, +7.5% to -7.5%, +10% to -10% taps
  • On-load tap changer for offering +5% to -15% taps in steps of 1.25% / +5% to -15% in steps of 2.5%
  • Frequency of 50 Hz in voltages of 11 KV, 22 KV, and 33 KV
  • Continuous duty
  • Standard fittings according to IS: 2026/IEC: 76
  • HV Side cable box/Bare Brushings
  • LV Side cable box/bus duct
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industrial transformer design

industrial transformer design


industrial transformer price

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industrial transformer manufacturer

industrial control transformers
industrial control transformers
industrial electrical transformers
industrial electrical transformers
industrial current transformers
industrial current transformers
high frequency transformer
high frequency transformer
industrial custom transformer
industrial custom transformer
industrial isolation transformer
industrial isolation transformer
industrial high voltage transformer
industrial high voltage transformer
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industrial transformer rating

Description Max Ratings Voltages Standards
Amorphous Metal Cores Distribution Transformers 2.5 MVA Up to 11kV ANSI,IEC,IS
Cast Resin Dry Type 1 MVA Up to 11kV ANSI,IEC,IS
Conventional Oil Cooled Distribution Transformers 5 MVA Up to 36 kV ANSI,IEC,IS
Corrugated Tank Oil Cooled Transformers  2.5 MVA Up to 36 kV ANSI,IEC,IS
Single-phase Pole mount Distribution Transformers 315 kVA Up to 36 kV ANSI,IEC,IS
Three-phase Pole or Platform Type Transformers 5 MVA Up to 36 kV ANSI,IEC,IS
Solar Application Inverter Transformer 5 MVA Up to 36 kV ANSI,IEC,IS
Converter Transformer 5 MVA Up to 36KV ANSI,IEC,IS


industrial transformer Salient Features

  • Designed in a way to enable 25 years of trouble-free performance
  • Withstands electrical impulses, thermal and dynamic stresses
  • Very low power-loss and low noise
  • Design conforms to IS: 2026, BS: 171, IEC: 76 and other relevant standards
  • Latest manufacturing techniques to enable cost-effectiveness and reliability
  • Optimum utilization of active materials for sleek design


Our industrial transformer Advantages

  • Reliable at harsh environments
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Incorporates high insulation level
  • Liquid-immersed models
  • Available in different sizes as per the applications
  • Suitable for high voltage power transfer


industrial power transformers save the world

A industrial power transformers may be a inactive electromagnetic gadget that exchanges vitality from one circuit to another circuit by implies of inductive coupling. Power transformers contrast from other transformer types in that they are planned to comply with administrative prerequisites for mains power interfacing, working at mains voltages and moderately high currents.Power transformers are generally utilized in transmission network for stepping up or down the voltage level.

​Complete Line Of industrial Transformers Ranging From 5 To 1200 Mva In Primary Voltages Through 345kv:

  • Substation Transformers
  • Generator Step-Up (GSU) Transformers
  • Unit Auxiliary Transformers
  • Auto Transformers
  • Zig-Zag Grounding Transformers
  • Special Duty Transformers (Motor Starting, Low Impedance, Pulse Loading, etc.)
  • Natural Ester Fluid Filled Transformers
  • Three Phase Voltage Regulating Transformers
  • Station Service/Start-Up Transformers


industrial applications of transformers

  • Solar Power and Wind Power Generation Applications
  • Distribution Company (DISCOM) Substations
  • Power Generation Stations
  • Industrial applications

types of industrial transformers


industrial transformer manufacturing process

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Points to be remember while buying a industrial transformer

  • First of all, you need to look for a reliable industrial transformer manufacturer and supplier.
  • Check for the protection of the device you want to purchase, and ask the manufacturer for a guarantee.
  • Check if the manufacturer offers customized industrial transformers to meet your requirements so that you get a industrial transformer best suited for the purpose you want to purchase it for.
  • Choosing right place to buy a industrial transformer from and maintaining it is as important as taking care of our assets, so next time your industrial transformer has a problem making sure you go to the right place.


used of industrial transformers

Based on the type of industrial application, you can select the best suited transformer to carry out the operations efficiently.

  • Aerospace
  • Steel Manufacturing Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Electrochemical Industry
  • Military Subcontractors
  • Audio Systems
  • Clock and Timer Circuits
  • Biochemical and Biomedical
  • Current Transformation
  • Data Processing
  • Communications


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