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Distribution Transformer

Corrugated Transformers in india
Distribution Transformmer in India

Distribution Transformers

A transformer which provides final voltage transformation in the electric power distribution system is known as distribution or service transformer. Basically, it steps down or reduces the voltage to a level that can be used by the customer from that, in the voltage lines.

When they are mounted or placed at the top of a utility pole, they are known as pole-mounted transformers. Whereas they are called pad mount transformers when the distribution lines are placed at ground level or below the ground. Additionally, the distribution transformers are then placed on top of concrete pads and locked inside steel cases.

Distribution transformer is the step-down transformers which are used to bring down the voltage in the electric power distribution purpose. There are different varieties of transformers available among the best distribution transformer manufacturing companies like single phase transformer, three phase transformer, pole mounted transformer, pad mounted transformer and underground transformer. Distribution transformers which are available are mostly small in size and filled with insulating oil and are available with most of the top distribution transformer manufacturer in India like Rajasthan Powergen.

Distribution transformers even without carrying any load are energized for 24 hours that reduce or decrease the iron losses. They are designed in such a way that they have a maximum or full efficiency at lower loads as most of the times they don’t operate at full load. Also, while manufacturing their voltage regulation is kept to a minimum level for enhanced efficiency. Thus they are designed so as to have small leakage reactance.

We manufacture a wide range of distribution transformers which come with the features reliability, durability and efficiency required in utility for industrial and commercial applications. Our oil-filled transformers match the international standards in their designs and are made in accordance with the most demanding industrial use. Transformers can be placed for both indoor and outdoor applications and can be provided with off-loading and on-load tap changers.

The Standard ratings according to which our transformers work starts from 10kVA to 2500kVA at a maximum of 33kV voltage class with Aluminum or Copper windings.

Types of Transformer:

Rajasthan PowergenSingle Phase Transformer

    • 10kVA – 25kVA ( Cu / Al Wound )

Rajasthan PowergenThree Phase Distribution Transformer

    • 10kVA – 2,500kVA ( Cu / Al Wound )

Rajasthan PowergenSolar Transformer

    • are used in solar powered generation facility and are a very important part of it. The transformers designed by us meet the stringent and specific technical requirements which are required in the solar parks in India. Our products have proven to be successful.

Rajasthan PowergenHermetically sealed transformer

    • is the one in which no conservator is there. In this, the insulating dielectric fluid that is there in the tank is sealed completely and does not have any contact with the atmosphere. The oxidation and sludging of this dielectric fluid are prevented by the design since the air in the transformer tank are completely avoided by this. Hermetically sealed transformers are best suited for use in outdoor exposed environments such as salt, moisture or the environments that are dust loaded and these transformers are completely free from maintenance. In the environments where regular maintenance becomes impracticable on account of poor accessibility such as in gas and oil terminals, chemical plants etc. these transformers find extensive use. For the indoors use where adequate ventilation is there or nearby the lead center where environmentally oil will not be considered as acceptable, the transformers that are immersed in synthetic coolants are considered as suitable. Normally the devices by which volume variations related to heat are measure accommodate these transformers. For the purpose of compensating the variation in volume because of heat, the use of gas cushion is done. Usually, the gas is nitrogen. From the dielectric liquid, this gas is uncoupled thermally.

Why US?

We are having the industry’s latest infrastructure with proven competency to provide the energy efficient distribution transformers that are able to cater to the varying demands of the clients. Within the short span of our inception of 5 years from India’s well-known testing agency, we have been able to positively type test 10+ ratings and this was possible on account of our design capability. This makes us counted among the best transformer manufacturing companies in India.

Our main focus is on efficiency, quality, on-time delivery, and safety. Our success story has in house fabrication, design, testing, sandblasting and assembly as its key drivers that have enabled us to manufacture the transformers that are energy efficient and of premium quality.

We are an ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001 certified company with the highest commitment to environmental conservation, sustainable development, safety and health of all our stakeholders.

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