Rajasthan Powergen Transformer Pvt. Ltd is located in a huge area of 15000 sq. meters. The company is located on Karola-Bhinmal Road, Sanchore, which is only 2 kilometers away from National Highway No.15.


Rajasthan Powergen Infrastructure Rajasthan Powergen Infrastructure
Rajasthan Powergen The total area of the plot: 15000 sq. meters.
Rajasthan Powergen Workshop: 4000 sq. meters.
Rajasthan Powergen Stores: 1000 sq.ft.
Rajasthan Powergen Testing room: 300.00sq.ft.
Rajasthan Powergen Tanks, fabricated material and Transformer oil are stored outside the workshop area.
Rajasthan Powergen Laminations cutting 1500 sq. meters.
Rajasthan Powergen Conductors are tested for the dimensions, insulation covering, resistance, etc. in the testing room.
Rajasthan Powergen L.V. & H.V. coils are wound in the winding room (500sq.ft)
Rajasthan Powergen Core and winding are assembled in the assembly department (5000 sq.ft).
Rajasthan Powergen Assembled (active part) is de-moisturized in oven and is then mounted in the tank and filled with the filtered oil.
Rajasthan Powergen The Transformers are then painted outside the workshop.
Rajasthan Powergen The ready and O.K. Transformers are completed as per the purchaser’s requirement and then offered for inspection.


The following routine tests, as per I.S., are carried out keeping the ready Transformers in the storage area of 5000sq.ft.
Rajasthan Powergen Turn Ration Meter
Rajasthan Powergen Insulation testing Meter
Rajasthan Powergen Winding Resistance Meter
Rajasthan Powergen Double Voltage Double Frequency (induced over voltage) Meter
Rajasthan Powergen High Voltage Testing Kit
Rajasthan Powergen Power Analyzer meter
Rajasthan Powergen PD Measurement System
Rajasthan Powergen Capacitor Bank of 50 MVAR
Rajasthan Powergen Temperature Rise Testing Meter


By virtue of our track record, Rajasthan Powergen has become legendary for its reliability, performance and has proven themselves operationally economical. This serves as one of the major reason for making us the leading transformer manufacturer in India.
The design of our transformers conforms to highest Engineering standards and all the designs have successfully passed the type test as per national and international standards.
Special software is used for the preparation of general arrangements and other drawings as per customer specifications.
Our transformers are designed by a design team that is headed by prominent and experienced design Engineers possessing experience of more than 20 years in the field of design, manufacturing, and testing of transformers.
Investment in the latest quality control techniques has been maintained. Checks on raw materials for their quality are the start of a very strict sequence of controls. Special techniques are employed for the control of electrical, mechanical and physical properties to ensure a consistent product that possesses the highest possible quality.
Through continued in-house efforts and acquisition of technology from field experience, we have upgraded our products & technology to contemporary levels. On the basis of superior manufacturing facilities, we have earned our reputation. We also have well equipped modern workshop.