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BIS or shortly referred to as The Bureau of Indian Standards. BIS which works under the aegis of Ministry of Consumer Affairs as well as Food and Public Distribution is the national Standards Body  for the Government of India

BIS approved transformer manufacturers in india



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Typically, the bis approved transformer manufacturers in India use the recommended, Statistical Quality Control or also known as SQC methods as far as possible. This  SQC could be used by  bis approved transformer manufacturers in Karnataka in order to maintain control over the quality of the product during its production.

The bis approved transformer manufacturers in Maharashtra generally maintain copies of any records or connected papers which could be required further by BIS. In fact, these documents  are required to be made available at any time on request by the auditor. For all stages of production, the factory or in this case the bis approved transformer manufacturers have to maintain appropriate controls as well as checks in order to ensure that their product specification conforms to the various requirements of the Standards set by BIS.

According to the drafts of the BIS standards, bis certified transformer companies list need to maintain the following set of measures while manufacturing the product.Article 6.1.1 states that each transformer when tested needs to pass the routine tests that have been administered. If any transformer should fails in any one or more than one of the requirements as specified by the BIS standards, the product shall be deemed unfit for the purpose of marking.  Sub article mentions that, although a transformer has been rejected under main article 6.1.1, the transformer may however, be suitably repaired and the defects can be rectified. In this case such transformers which have been repaired must then be tested again and they shall conform to all the routine tests.

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What is BIS approved transformer ?

We Offer technologically advanced and customized range of Oil Filled BIS Approved Transformers class adjusting to the Indian / Worldwide guidelines, to improve the customer’ssatisfaction. Items are designed and developed by utilizing advanced manufacturing methods and ideal utilization of finest raw materials, processed under one roof, to guarantee cost effectiveness,reliability and a long solid trouble-free performance.

We approved to design, fabricate and test energy efficient transformers conferred upto 5 Star Ratings, in agreement with energy saving rules, characterized by the BEE (Bureau of EnergyEfficiency, Govt. of India)


BIS approved transformer


BIS approved transformer specification

Type Indoor/ Outdoor Pad Mounted
Voltage Class 3.3,6.6, 11, 22, 33 Kv or special class by customer
Vector Group Dyn11, Dyn5, Dyn1 or other specified by the customer
No. of phase 3 phases
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Tap Range ±10 %, +5% To -15% in 1.25% steps in 17 position or in
2.5% steps in 9 Positions or as per the requirement of the customer.
Winding Material Copper with multiple papers covering
Applicable Standards BIS-1180, IS-2026, IEC 60076
Painting Epoxy, Polyurethane or specified by the customer
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Classification of Transformer Range Type
Power Transformer 3.15 MVA to 150 MVA at 330 KV class Core type 3 phase, Generator Transformer, Unit Auxiliary Transformers, Step up and step down Transformers, Interconnecting.

Auto Transformers, Dual Voltage Primary or Secondary Three winding Transformers.

Distribution Transformer 6.3 KVA to 3150 KVA, upto 33 KV classs Core type single phase, Three winding Transformers, Step up and step down Transformers, Dual Voltage Primary or Secondary.
Special Transformers As per customer requirement Auto Transformers, Arc Furnace Transformers, Step up Generator Transformers, Thyristor Duty Transformers, Zig zag Transformers, Voltage Regulators,Earthing Transformer,Rectifier
Transformer,Mining Transformer,Testing Transformer,Transformer for AC/DC Drives.r


BIS approved transformers manufacturers in mumbai

Points to be remember while buying a BIS approved transformer

  • First of all, you need to look for a reliable BIS approved transformer manufacturer and supplier.
  • Choosing right place to buy a BIS approved transformer from and maintaining it is as important as taking care of our assets, so next time your industrial transformer has a problem making sure you go to the right place.
  • Check if the manufacturer offers customized transformers to meet your requirements so that you get a BIS approved transformer best suited for the purpose you want to purchase it for.
  • Check for the protection of the device you want to purchase, and ask the manufacturer for a guarantee.



BIS Test Reports

  • Test Report
    • Test report will be issued for the equipment/products tested, at no extra cost, but only upon payment of the final bill of test charges. In case of requirement of additional copies of test report/test certificate, the Customer shall inform the Testing Authority before commencement of the test. Separate charges will be levied for such requests.
    • The report will contain the record of the values of test results, the physical condition of the equipment/products during/after the test(s) copy(s) of Oscillogram(s), graphs, drawings, photographs, etc as appropriate.
  • Test Certificate
    • The sealed test certificate is issued, on request and on payment of additional 10% of the total test charges when an equipment/product/sample of a particular type and rating has satisfactorily passed all the specified tests in compliance with the conditions stipulated in a published National/International Standards.
    • This Certificate is issued in justification of the satisfactory rating of the equipment/product/sample for which it is tested.


    BIS approved transformer price

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    India’s Largest bis approved transformer manufacturers in maharashtra, Rajasthan and karnataka


    BIS approved transformer Design

    BIS approved transformer Design


    BIS approved transformer rating

    Description Max Ratings Voltages Standards
    Amorphous Metal Cores Distribution Transformers 2.5 MVA Up to 11kV ANSI,IEC,IS
    Cast Resin Dry Type 1 MVA Up to 11kV ANSI,IEC,IS
    Conventional Oil Cooled Distribution Transformers 5 MVA Up to 36 kV ANSI,IEC,IS
    Corrugated Tank Oil Cooled Transformers  2.5 MVA Up to 36 kV ANSI,IEC,IS
    Single-phase Pole mount Distribution Transformers 315 kVA Up to 36 kV ANSI,IEC,IS
    Three-phase Pole or Platform Type Transformers 5 MVA Up to 36 kV ANSI,IEC,IS
    Solar Application Inverter Transformer 5 MVA Up to 36 kV ANSI,IEC,IS
    Converter Transformer 5 MVA Up to 36KV ANSI,IEC,IS


    BIS approved transformer testing

    Testing is one of the critical capacities of the transformer fabricating action.

    Following are the Tests that are carried out on the transformers before they are ready for final delivery:

    a Routine tests
    1 Oil Dielectric Strength (BDV) Test
    2 Core cutting & assembly
    3 Measurement of Voltage Ratio
    4 Check of polarity and phase displacement
    5 Magnetizing current
    6 Short circuit current
    7 Magnetic Balance
    8 Winding resistance
    9 Measurement of short-circuit impedance and load loss
    10 Measurement of no-load loss and current
    11 Separate source AC withstand voltage test
    12 Short duration induced AC withstand voltage test
    13 Pressure & Oil Leakage Tests
    b Type tests
    14 Impulse Test
    15 Lightning & Switching Impulse test
    c Special tests
    16 Zero-sequence impedance
    17 Capacitance & Tan delta of Bushing
    18 Capacitance & Tan delta of Windings
    19 Noise level measurement

    All the Testing is carried as per latest IS Standards

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    industrial applications of BIS approved transformer

    • Solar Power and Wind Power Generation Applications
    • Distribution Company (DISCOM) Substations
    • Power Generation Stations


    BIS approved transformer manufacturing process

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    BIS approved transformer benefits

    • As there is an RTCC board with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) LV side voltage stays in want extend by changing tap consequently.
    • For changing a tap, shut down of industrial facility isn’t dependable. Be that as it may, due to the on-load transformer, you can change tap in any event, when your manufacturing plant is running.
    • Due to the on-load transformer proficiency of the transformer expands, misfortunes of the transformer and other electrical hardware decline brings about low influence utilization and the general existence of the transformer and other electrical gear increments.
    • Due to the on-load transformer, the voltage at the LV side stays in limit against the voltage changes from the HV side.


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