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Electrical Research and Development Association, also referred to as ERDA in short is a not for profit professional Research Association of the Electrical Industry and Utilities in India.Transformers form an integral component of the power system across various industries.

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These erda approved transformers have been expected to find an increased demand with huge emphasis placed on infrastructure development.Instrument Transformers such as both CTs as well as PTs have wide application in the power system which involve metering and protecting. Indigenously .

erda approved transformers manufacturers produce these transformers across a wide variety of ratings. Hence, these transformers which fall in the range of up to 160 MVA, 400 kV Class are required to pass several tests administered such as the Impulse Test, 4 MVA, 33 kV Class for short Circuit test as well as up to 2000 kVA 33 kV for routine tests can be tested.

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ERDA approved transformer specification

  • Phase is 3Ø
  • Frequency if 60Hz,50Hz
  • Primary Voltage is 22.9 kV
  • Secondary Voltage is 6.6/3.3 kV
  • Tap Voltage 23.9-R22.9-21.9-20.9-19.9kV
  • Vector Dd0, Dyn11, etc.
  • Range:2500 kVA to 100,000 kVA, up to 220 kV Class
  • standard:
    • Distribution and power transformers: IS: 2026, BS: 171 & IEC: 76
    • Converter transformers: IS: 4540, IEC: 146 & IEEE: 444
    • Furnace transformers: IS: 2026
    • System earthing transformers: IS: 3150 & BS: 4944
  • Off-circuit tap changer to provide +5% to -5%, +7.5% to -7.5%, +10% to -10% taps
  • On-load tap changer for offering +5% to -15% taps in steps of 1.25% / +5% to -15% in steps of 2.5%
  • Frequency of 50 Hz in voltages of 11 KV, 22 KV, and 33 KV
  • Continuous duty
  • Standard fittings according to IS: 2026/IEC: 76
  • HV Side cable box/Bare Brushings
  • LV Side cable box/bus duct
  • Certification: ERDA approved
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Classification of Transformer Range Type
Power Transformer 3.15 MVA to 150 MVA at 330 KV class Core type 3 phase, Generator Transformer, Unit Auxiliary Transformers, Step up and step down Transformers, Interconnecting.

Auto Transformers, Dual Voltage Primary or Secondary Three winding Transformers.

Distribution Transformer 6.3 KVA to 3150 KVA, upto 33 KV classs Core type single phase, Three winding Transformers, Step up and step down Transformers, Dual Voltage Primary or Secondary.
Special Transformers As per customer requirement Auto Transformers, Arc Furnace Transformers, Step up Generator Transformers, Thyristor Duty Transformers, Zig zag Transformers, Voltage Regulators,Earthing Transformer,Rectifier
Transformer,Mining Transformer,Testing Transformer,Transformer for AC/DC Drives.r


What is ERDA approved transformer ?

Electrical Research and Development Association (ERDA) may be a not-for-profit professional Research Association of the Indian Electrical Industry and Utilities. ERDA was set up with the financial support of Committee of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India and the State Government of Gujarat.

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ERDA approved transformers manufacturers in mumbai