Heat treatment transformer manufacturers in india

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Heat transformation device or a Heat transformer could also be referred to  as compressor heat pumps or compressor refrigerators, Type-II heat pump,  absorption heat pumps or absorption refrigerators, power producing devices and heat transformers. Most heat treatment transformer manufacturers in India not only supply these transformers for end use in the private sector, but the transformers are widely installed for end use in several industrial processes, and these transformers find use particularly in the processes which involve chemical engineering.

Heat treatment transformer manufacturers in india



Heat treatment transformer manufacturers in india
Heat treatment transformer manufacturers in india
Three Phase Heat Treatment Transformers
Three Phase Heat Treatment Transformers
Induction Heating Transformer
Induction Heating Transformer


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By using a heat transformer, waste heat can be upgraded, virtually.  Which means that the waste heat could be upgraded without the use of a higher temperature driving energy. The input heat source which would be, Waste heat of a medium temperature is first supplied to the evaporator as well as to the generator, following which a useful heat of higher temperature will be then transferred off in the absorber. Manufacturers note that heat transformers like these could achieve a delivery temperature up to 160ºC, typically with a temperature lift of about 50ºC.

Generally, at Rajasthan Powergen Transformer P. Ltd., as plant manufactures a poly film for photovoltaic cells as well as the process requires water requires a temperature of about 100ºC. During this process the temperature of water increases up to about 108ºC. For the purpose of reutilization, the water which was heated at 108ºC, leaves the process after being cooled to a temperature of 100ºC in a dry cooler. In this dry cooler, the heat was simply rejected to the atmosphere. Using the Heat Transformer, 45% of the heat which is available in it will get converted to steam at 4 bar.g. This converted steam generally finds application and tends to be used in many manufacturing process of varying sectors.

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What is Heat treatment transformer ?

We make a really proficient range of Heat Treatment Transformers. These have been designed particularly for the heat treatment industry to meet most differing necessities. These transformers are implied for an 80% duty cycle and are manufactured with vertical cooling ducts inside the coil windings. Chimney ventilation inside the transformer clamps and other design highlights particular to ATL avoids any restricted heating decreasing the generally temperature rise of our transformers.

We offer profoundly functional Heat-Treatment Transformers that are accessible totally different voltages. Our heat treatment transformers can be made according to the particular heat treatment applications that’s custom made transformers.


Heat treatment transformer manufacturers in india


Heat treatment transformer specification

Phase Three Phase
Cooling Type Dry Type/Air Cooled, Oil Cooled, Water
Brand Padmavahini Transformers
Capacity 60 kVA
Primary Voltage 415 V
Secondary Voltage 8.5 V to 20 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Heat treatment transformer specification India, Nepal, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Malaysia Uganda, Malaw, Africa, Kenya, Tanzania


Heat treatment transformer design

Heat treatment transformer design


Heat treatment transformer price

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Resistance Heat Treatment Equipment & Accessories

  • Temperature Recorders & Accessories
  • Mains Voltage Control Unit
  • Transformer 50KVA, 65KVA, 70KVA And Others To Customers Requirements
  • Heat Treatment Centre Units
  • Programmer
  • Thermocouple Welding Units & Accessories
  • Camlocks Connectors, Sleeves & Pins
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Ceramic Fiber Insulation & Mats
  • Ceramic Pad Heater & Accessories
  • Wire Cables & Splitters


Heat treatment transformer Features

  • Available in different voltage options
  • Multiple primary and secondary voltages are available and all come complete with tap changing facility
  • Complete with 160 Deg C motor protection devices per phase
  • Multiple termination options for the primary and secondary windings are available along with customer specific fixing Centres


Points to be remember while buying a Heat treatment transformer

  • First of all, you need to look for a reliable Heat treatment transformer manufacturer and supplier.
  • Check for the protection of the device you want to purchase, and ask the manufacturer for a guarantee.
  • Check if the manufacturer offers customized Heat treatment transformer to meet your requirements so that you get a industrial transformer best suited for the purpose you want to purchase it for.
  • Choosing right place to buy a Heat treatment transformer from and maintaining it is as important as taking care of our assets, so next time your Heat treatment transformer has a problem making sure you go to the right place.


Heat treatment transformer Applications

  • Steel Industry
  • Health Care Industry
  • Aqua Farm
  • Wind Energy Generation
  • Textile Industry
  • Horticulture
  • Poultry
  • Smelting
  • Tea Estates
  • Foundry


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