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Transformer Manufacturing Companies in India offering Transformer Maintenance services

Transformers are one of the most important equipment for any heavy industry as they are the heart of power system. It comes in varied sizes. There are many transformer companies in India that manufactures quality transformer and one among them is Rajasthan Powergen transformer P. Ltd.Transformer-Manufacturing-Company-in-India (RajasthanPowergen)



Since transformers are very expensive and are of great importance in supplying power to any industry, proper installation and maintenance should be done to extend the life of the transformer. If the transformer is not maintained properly, then its failure can cause two great economic impacts i.e. replacing the transformer would cause direct economic impact and the production loss due to the transformer failure will cause indirect economic impact.Distribution-transformer-in-India(RajasthanPowergen)

Since transformer is man-made machine, it is very much prone to the wear and tear. You must always call qualified expert for repairing the transformer. The requirements of having your transformer repaired are that:

  1. Having your transformer repair increases the overall efficiency of the transformer. If transformers are not repaired timely, chances are there of total breakdown. To increase the efficiency of the transformer, various parts of the transformer should be repaired timely like wound rotor motor, submersible motors, gearboxes, blowers, and DC and AC motors.
  2. The second most important requirement for repairing transformer is to save time and money. Most transformer companies in India provide the service of transformer repair and maintenance that involves the checkups done on regular basis and arranging routine inspections. Small ignorance towards any problem in transformer can lead to harsh results and ultimately in huge expenses.
  3. It transformer repair is done on regular basis, it will not only save money and time and but also prevent transformer maintenance.


Transformer requires repairing time to time and to keep them in order, it must be repaired regularly. To keep industry moving, it is very necessary to take proper care of the transformer.

The main cause behind the loss of transformer failure is:

  1. Faults such as external faults, core faults and abnormal operating conditions.
  2. Terminal failures due to lose connections, short circuits and open leads.
  3. Winding failures due to short circuits.


RajasthanPowergen Transformer P. Ltd is one of the most popular transformer companies in India that manufactures quality transformer and provide the service of transformer maintenance and testing.

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