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Tips To Follow Before Testing Transformer

Tips To Follow Before Testing Transformer

What is a transformer? Transformer is an electrical device that works on the principal of electromagnetic induction i.e. every magnetic field generates electric field and vice versa. After the manufacturing, testing has to be done to check its efficiency. Rajasthan Powergen, best distribution transformer manufacturer in India is sharing some tips to test transformer.


  1. Performing visual inspection

Sometimes transformer runs at higher temperature due to the overheating of the internal wires. This is the most said reason behind the failure of many of the transformer. Before performing testing, check if there is any bulged part on the surface of the transformer or burn marks. If it has, do not perform testing.

  1. Determining wiring of transformer

One should note that the labels are clearly marked on the transformer. Before performing the testing, it is great idea have a schematic of the transformer circuit representing the internal connections. Schematic can be found on the manufacturer’s website or in the product documentation.

  1. Determining the output and input of the transformer

Check if the magnetic field generating initial circuit is connected to the transformer primary winding. Transformer label and schematic should have the numeric value of the voltage that will be shared to the windings. Other circuit in the transformer that is regaining power from the magnetic field must be connected to the transformer secondary’s winding.

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  1. Determining the filtering of the output

To shape the alternate current power coming from the output of the into the direct current power, diodes and capacitors in the transformer should be connected to the secondary of the transformer. It is represented in the schematic of the transformer and not on the label.

  1. Pre-preparations for measuring different circuit voltages 

To measure the voltage, remove the covers and panel so that you can access the transformer circuits. Use digital multimeter to get the exact reading of the voltages. Multimeter can be easily found on any electrical supply stores.


  1. Confirming accurate input to the transformer 

Switch the power of transformer. To measure the transformer primary use digital multimeter in AC mode. If the voltage recording in the multimeter is less than the 80% of the result you expected, it means the fault is either in the transformer or the circuit offering power to primary. If this is the case, separate input circuit from primary winding of the transformer.

  1. Measuring the secondary output of the transformer

Testing the secondary output of the transformer requires skill that shall be performed by the professional. Rajasthan Powergen, the best distribution transformer manufacture in India provides assistance in testing of the transformer. Visit site and find the details to contact them.

Rajasthan Powergen Transformer P. Ltd., top quality transformer company in India, follow various test after the manufacturing of the transformer.  Distribution Transformer is used to reduce voltage according to the needs of the consumer. There are different varieties of distribution transformer such as single phase transformer, pole mounted transformer, three phase transformer, pad mounted transformer and etc.


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